Mathilde Bålsrud Mjelva

Doctoral Researcher

Research Interests

Hate speech, dangerous speech and social media, patterns and determinants of migration, climate-conflict nexus, survey methodology, machine learning

I am a doctoral researcher working on dangerous speech and social media. My PhD is part of the Dangerous Online Speech and Violence (ODAS) project at PRIO. the preliminary title of my thesis is Online Dangerous Speech: Attitudinal Impacts and Individual Receptiveness and is being supervised by Sebastian Schutte at PRIO.

I have previously worked as research assistant at PRIO on two migration-related projects: QuantMig and FUMI. My work on these projects focused particularly on determinants and drivers of migration and migration aspirations through the use of survey data and systematic literature reviews.

In 2020, I submitted my master's thesis in political science, titled "Rainfall variability and violent, state-based conflict: A machine learning approach to estimate context specificity".


2018-2020: MA, Political Science, University of Oslo, Sciences Po Paris and PRIO

2014-2017: BA, International Studies, University of Oslo and Sciences Po Paris

Languages spoken:

Norwegian, English, French, Spanish

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