​​This research group has adopted a rather broad definition of peacebuilding, in line with the UN Security Council's resolution in 2001 (S/PRST/2001/5). This resolution changes the definition of peacebuilding from focusing explicitly on post-war activities to stating that 'peacebuilding is aimed at preventing the outbreak, the recurrence or continuation of armed conflict'. The Peacebuilding research group is multidisciplinary, constituted by historians, political scientists, human geographers, philosophers, sociologists, and anthropologists.

Dialogue Forum on Afghanistan, Taliban and the UN Security Council

​The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are organizing a series of thematic roundtable meetings about current issues on the Security Council's agenda. The situation in Afghanistan was topic for the third of these meetings on 30 September 2021.

Workshop on Ethical Issues in Peace Negotiations and Mediation

​On 9-10 September 2021, around 20 researchers met for a hybrid online-offline workshop to share their research on specific cases of ethical issues in peace negotiations and mediation. The workshop was part of the PRIO project 'On Fair Terms: The Ethics of Peace Negotiations and Mediation' (FAIR) and included both PRIO researchers and researchers from across the world. 

Successful Master's Thesis Defense by Bjørn Schirmer-Nilsen

Bjørn Schirmer-Nilsen has successfully defended his thesis "Successful Failure: The Intifada and the Shultz Initiative of 1988".

Congratulations Bjørn!

Klo Kwe Moo Kham Successfully Defends Master's Thesis

Klo Kwe Moo Kham has successfully defended his thesis "The Quest for Peace in Kawthoolei: The Strategies, Outcomes, and Sustainability of Peacebuilding in Southeast Myanmar, 2012-2020".

Congratulations Klo!

New Project on Disarmament

The DISARM project seeks is to identify the impact of disarmament processes on conflict recurrence and pinpoint the conditions under which disarmament can be the most effective. This is one out of five PRIO projects that today have received funding from the Research Council of Norway.

Jenny Lorentzen Talks Malian Women's Fight for Peace on PRIO’s Peace in a Pod

In honor of International Women's Day, we're highlighting the research of Jenny Lorentzen. Jenny is a Senior Researcher at PRIO and a Post-Doc at Lund University. Her PhD work focused partly on women’s participation in Malian peace processes, so today she's talking about what women in Mali had to do to get a seat at the table, and what can be learned from their efforts, and the work of female negotiators around the world.

New Policy Brief on "Guerrilla Babies: Gender and Pregnancy Policies of Armed Groups"

Leaders of armed groups often strongly advise their members to avoid pregnancies, due to the dangers that guerrilla soldiers face in the mountains and jungle areas where they operate and carry out battles. Some armed groups also give out contraceptives. However, intimate relationships between guerrilla soldiers emerge and some female soldiers become pregnant and give birth during war. The challenges they face with a new-born baby in a war zone are enormous and the options they have for how to take care of the child are quite limited. Female soldiers often carry the heaviest burden in these cases.

Louise Olsson acts as Moderator in UN High-Level Dialogue on A4P's WPS Commitments on the 20th Anniversary of 1325

​On October 27th, 2020, as part of a month-long campaign in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Security Council resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security (WPS), the Department of UN Peace Operations co-hosted a High-Level Dialogue on Action for Peacekeeping's (A4P) WPS commitments.

Project on the Ethics of Peace Negotiations and Mediation Receives Funding

​What makes peace negotiations fair?

This is the over-arching question asked in the project On Fair Terms: The Ethics of Peace Negotiations and Mediation, which has now received three years of NORGLOBAL funding from the Research Council of Norway. 

Congratulations to project leader Henrik Syse, and the other project participants: Kristoffer Lidén (PRIO), Kwesi Aning (KAIPTC), Fitriani (CSIS), Cedric de Coning (NUPI), Eli Stamnes (NUPI), Harry Tzimitras (PRIO Cyprus Centre), Zenonas Tziarras (PRIO Cyprus Centre), Torunn L. Tryggestad (PRIO), Gregory M. Reichberg (PRIO), Nadim Khoury (PRIO), Wenche Hauge (PRIO), Kristian Berg Harpviken (PRIO), Jenny Lorentzen (PRIO), Isabel Bramsen (University of Copenhagen) and Eric Stollenwerk (Freie Universität Berlin).

PRIO Global Fellow Priyankar Upadhyaya speaks at the High-level Forum on the Culture of Peace

​PRIO Global Fellow Professor Priyankar Upadhyaya was invited by the President of the United Nations General Assembly to participate in a roundtable discussion at the High-level Forum on the Culture of Peace at the UN Headquarters on 13 September 2019. 

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