Social Media in Armed Conflict through a Gender Lens: The Case of Myanmar

Led by Julie Marie Hansen

Jan 2018 – Dec 2021

'Social Media in Armed Conflict through a Gender Lens: The Case of Myanmar' is a PhD research project about the gendered impact of social media on armed conflict and peacebuilding in Myanmar. 

Specifically, the project asks: what impact does social media have on conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence? Does social media help or hinder efforts to counter SGBV in conflict?

The PhD project is part of the PRIO project 'Social Media in Armed Conflict: The Case of Myanmar', funded by the Research Council of Norway.

Julie Marie Hansen Presents Paper on the Use of Social Media and the Prevention of SGBV

​Julie Marie Hansen, Doctoral Researcher at PRIO, presented a paper at the international conference ‘Social Media in Armed Conflict’ on 25-26 November 2020.

New Blog on Women's Use of Facebook in Myanmar

With so much attention on the destructive role of Facebook in Myanmar, Doctoral Researcher Julie M. Hansen points out the constructive side of Facebook by bringing in examples of how women in Myanmar use of the social media platform. She writes:

"The spread of hate speech and misinformation online that incites real-life violence are serious issues that deserve the media attention they have received, and the tech community must prioritise finding a solution. Yet, for a fuller understanding of the role of Facebook – which has become such a dominant tool in Myanmar for information and communication that is almost synonymous with the internet – we should also recognise the platform’s constructive side. And this becomes apparent when we look at how the social media platform is used by women."

Read the blog post in full here.

New Project to Study Social Media, Armed Conflict and Gender in Myanmar

​From early 2018, Julie Marie Hansen will start a three-year doctoral research project studying the gendered impacts of social media on armed conflict and peacebuilding in Myanmar.

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