Friday, 26 Jun 2020

​The Research School on Peace and Conflict invites applications for the PhD course "International Mediation: Theory, Cases and Skills" to take place at PRIO in Oslo on 14-18 December 2020. The course is organized in collaboration with the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies and PRIO.

The deadline for applications is 1 July 2020.


Wednesday, 26 May 2021

​On Monday the 24th of May, Jenny Lorentzen moderated a virtual dialogue titled “Mandate to Mission: Real Life Implementation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Mali”. The dialogue was hosted by the Permanent Mission of France and the United Kingdom to the United Nations in New York, and the Department of Peace Operations with three delegates from Mali’s Peace Agreement Monitoring Committee (Comité de Suivi de l’Accord, CSA) and civil society leaders. The Permanent Mission of Mali and Norway to the United Nations in New York co-sponsored the event. 

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